Revenge porn is sexually explicit media that is distributed without the consent of the individual(s) involved.[1] In the wake of civil lawsuits, legislation has been passed in various countries and jurisdictions to criminalize this practice as well as to define it. The term "revenge porn" is generally used to indicate content uploaded by intimate partners with the intention of humiliating the partner depicted (hence "revenge" when uploaded by an ex-partner).[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revenge_porn



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02/12/2015 - LONDON (AP) Posting explicit images of former lovers online so-called "revenge pornography" has been made a crime in Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II approved the new bill Thursday, a formality that is required before a bill endorsed by Parliament can become law.

The new law means that anyone who shares private and sexual images of another person without that person's permission, and with the intent of causing distress, may face up to two years in prison.

The Ministry of Justice says the law will come into force in the spring.

Campaigners had argued that a specific law will make it much easier for police to deal with cases in which people maliciously post sexual images without the subject's consent.

A helpline for victims has also been launched.