One Wish for the Women’s Movement – Gloria Steinem, Feminist-Activist – Video


Gloria Steinem speaks on the transformative power of small groups (circles) of women…..


“All big change starts with small groups meeting regularly- the women’s movement, the civil rights movement, the Chinese revolution. You can’t do it by yourself to create a different set of possibilities. The need is to have an alternative regular space to discover than you aren’t crazy, the system is crazy. And this needs to be a regular part of your life. 


My wish for the Women’s Movement: the ideal structure would resemble a whole lacework of regular women’s meetings and drop in meetings like AA everywhere, a whole lacework of little groups meeting in school gyms, church basements, around village wells, where any woman can drop in, leaderless, free, with goal of supporting each other’s self authority. This is what we need.”


Video includes additional wisdoms of Gloria Steinem