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Morocco - Over 62% of Moroccan Women Are Victims of Gender-Based Violence - Study


Over 62% of Moroccan Women Are Victims of Gender-based Violence

Rabat – Around 62.8% of Moroccan women have suffered from gender violence, a new report has revealed.

2 March 20`5 - A group of 38 women’s groups presented a report on violence against women in Morocco last week in the capital Rabat.

The report, whose content has been reported by news website Hespress, has found that 55% of these women have suffered or are still suffering from domestic violence.

The report also addressed the issue of education of young girls in rural areas. The document has found that illiteracy is more widespread among girls than among young men in rural areas, with 47.6% against 25.5%, according to 2012 figures quoted by the collective.

In addition, the report highlighted the economic situation of Moroccan women. According to the document, women’s access rate to the labor market fell by 25 percent, while unemployment affects 10.2% of women in urban areas against 8.4% of men.

The report also said that few decision-making positions within the state are available to women, adding that women are under-represented in the current cabinet.

The report acknowledged that Morocco has introduced reforms to the situation of women such as the Family Code (2004) and the ratification of the International Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

However, the report criticized the gaps in the criminal code, which they said does not guarantee that women enjoy their rights and freedoms, as well as the discrimination against women in the society and certain gaps in the Nationality Law and the Code of the Family.