September 3, 2014 - Editor: Yang Yang

According to the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, China is going to severely crack down on identifying the sex of a fetus and sex-selective abortions, with exceptions for certain medical reasons.

In order to promote an equal ratio of males to females among the population, the Provisions on the Ban of Sex Appraisal for Fetuses for Non-Medical Reasons and Selective Abortion (Draft), were jointly drawn up by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration for Industry & Commerce and the China Food and Drug Administration, with a view to stopping parents identifying the gender of a fetus and selective abortions for non-medical reasons.

The Draft explicitly stipulates that it prohibits any unit or individual from organizing or carrying out fetus sex identification and selective abortions for non-medical reasons.

The Draft also points out that when a medical situation arises in which it is necessary to determine the sex of a fetus, at least three professional, qualified doctors should be consulted and carry out a group review. According to the diagnosis, if an artificial termination is really needed, the authentication institution should provide a medical diagnosis report to the pregnant woman and at the same time report to the local health and family planning departments.

(Source: Chinanews.com / Translated and Edited by Women of China)