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Join Anouska Teunen of Amnesty International Australia and the New Tactics online community for a discussion on Building strong partnerships and coalitions from January 13 to 17, 2014.
In human rights work, collaboration is crucial. One organization will not have all the resources and skills to support a human rights movement. So it is necessary to build partnerships and coalitions in order to achieve your goals and build solidarity. However, there are many barriers to collaboration. Many human rights organizations have overarching common aims and visions, but when it comes to working together on campaigns, agreeing on the specific campaign outcomes can be difficult and ineffective. This often leads to fewer opportunities for partnerships and more competition among these groups for campaigning space. Furthermore, finding partners who have the expertise and skills that you need can be challenging (especially when you're not sure what you need!).
This online discussion is an opportunity for human rights defenders to share their experiences, challenges, ideas and advice with one another on breaking these barriers to collaboration.
Link to conversation: https://www.newtactics.org/conversation/building-strong-human-rights-partnerships-and-coalitions 
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This online conversation is open to anyone interested in sharing their experiences and ideas on this topic. All you need to do is join the New Tactics online community by going to https://www.newtactics.org/user/register and add your comments to the dialogue.
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