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The Landesa Center for Women’s Land Rights (LCWLR) believes that all women should have secure rights to and control over the land they use and the land they farm.  To learn more about the LCWLR click here.

Landesa Women’s Land Rights 2014 Visiting Professionals Program - Call for Applications

The application process for the 2014 Visiting Professionals Program is now open until February 14. Please use this link to apply.

The Women’s Land Rights Visiting Professionals Program is cultivating a network of qualified professionals who are strongly committed to strengthening women’s land rights. The program will boost visiting professionals’ capacity to effectively strengthen women’s land rights, foster motivation and ability to actively participate in this network, and reinforce the commitment to working on women’s land rights.

Landesa’s experience working with multicultural programs suggests that a hands-on, intensive program working alongside peers from different countries and with different fields of expertise will be beneficial to all parties. It will create a fertile ground for learning and will promote the level of group cohesion required to sustain the long-lasting network of professionals we aim to develop.

The Women’s Land Rights Visiting Professionals Program is an intensive six-week session for practitioners, activists, and government professionals conducted at Landesa’s office in Seattle. This experience is intended to boost their capabilities by:

Landesa will continue the knowledge transfer and mentor engagement with each visiting professional on a project for up to one year after they return to their home countries.

For more information on the Women’s Land Rights Visiting Professionals Program:


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