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Rally for DV bill Pakist_Asim Malik.jpgRaising Her Voice: The Power to Persuade
Jacky Repila
The Raising Her Voice programme worked with a million women in 17 countries over five years, contributing to 19 new laws related to gender-based violence and womenís rights. This summary paper outlines the transformative change achieved and shares reasons to do more to raise women's voices. A more detailed independent final evaluation is also available.

New humanitarian policy notes on gender, conflict and violence
Caroline Green
During times of conflict and disaster levels of gender violence often increase. Our policy notes for humanitarian agencies contain practical advice on gender issues during conflict and reducing the risk of violence against women.

Gender & Development: Conflict and Violence issue
Ed. Caroline Sweetman
Gender & Development explores conflict and violence through the lens of feminism. Articles discuss girl soldiers, the arms trade, peace building and post-conflict societies.

When Women Farm India's Land: How to increase ownership?
Lucy Dubochet
Women have long played a crucial role in Indiaís agricultural production. The situation of women cultivators is one of tremendous vulnerability: without land titles they are not recognised as farmers and thus are not able to access credits and government benefits. This policy brief outlines avenues to address the gap between the reality for many rural women and their entitlements.††

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