FAO and the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) have jointly developed the Training Guide for Gender and Climate Change Research in Agriculture and Food Security for Rural Development.

The Guide provides users with resources and participatory action research tools for collecting, analysing and sharing gender-sensitive information about agricultural communities, households and individuals who are facing climate changes.


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The Training Guide Includes: 

  • using field-based research in their work to respond to the impacts of climate change,
  • preparing for future climate risks and impacts of climate change; and/or
  • modifying agricultural practices to reduce contributions to climate change.

The Training Guide:

  • sensitizes users to the links between socio-economic and gender issues in the context of climate change in the agriculture and food security sectors;
  • develops the capacity of users to utilize participatory action research tools in gathering socio-economic and gender-sensitive information for climate change research and development;
  • helps users understand how to analyse field research outputs in a field research setting; and 
  • encourages users to apply knowledge gained beyond research to promote gender-sensitive adaptation and mitigation activities in agriculture.

The Training Guide is divided into three parts. Each part contains different modules. The individual parts can be downloaded separately as can the individual modules.

Download the full Training Guide: pdf file | word file 


Part I provides an overview of the importance of understanding climate change and food security issues in a gender-sensitive manner, and offers a range of possible participatory research tools. Part I includes the introduction and modules 1-3.
  Download Part I: pdf file | word file 

The introduction
provides an overview of the guide, and exercises and tips aimed at training users of the present guide.
  Download Introduction: pdf file | word file 

Module 1
explains key gender terms and gender analysis frameworks.
  Download Module 1: pdf file | word file 

Module 2
builds on module 1 to explain key climate change issues in the agriculture and food security sectors with a gender analysis approach.
  Download Module 2: pdf file | word file 

Module 3 is a tool box of participatory research tools that can be used in field research.
  Download Module 3: pdf file | word file 


Part II addresses three particular research topics that are priorities of the CCAFS program: climate analogues, weather information and climate-smart agriculture. It also provides important information on how to rigorously implement research tools, use a sampling strategy and think about analysis and reporting on the findings from the beginning of study planning.  Part II includes modules 4-7.
  Download Part II: pdf file | word file 

Module 4 
provides guidance to users on how field work can be prepared using the concepts of modules 1 and 2.
  Download Module 4: pdf file | word file 

Module 5
 presents a work plan for carrying out field research on climate analogues, weather information, and climate smart agriculture.
  Download Module 5: pdf file | word file 

Module 6 consists of a reporting format for reporting on field research.
  Download Module 6: pdf file | word file 
  Download Debriefing Form: pdf file | word file 

Module 7
 explains how data generated by the field research can be analysed.
  Download Module 7: pdf file | word file 


Part III: Annexes (Glossary, Additional Resources, Bibiliography) 
  Download Part III: pdf file | word file 






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