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By Saptarishi Dutta and Aditi Malhotra - January 4, 2013

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A graphic showing the conviction rate of rape cases in India in 2011.


A “Rape Map of India,” posted on India Real Time Thursday looked at the number of reported rape cases in India in 2011.

Today, we are adding data from the National Crime Records Bureau on the rate of conviction in rape cases in each state around the country. Some 15,423 rape cases were decided countrywide in 2011.

Of the total number of cases that made to court, the overall rate of convictions stand at 26.4%, or 4,072 convictions while 11,351 acquittals were recorded. These included cases pending from previous years as well.

In 2010, 14,263 cases of rape were decided, with the accused being convicted in 3,788 cases, or 26.6%.

According to the data, the small northeastern state of Manipur recorded a 100% conviction rate in rape trials in 2011.

India is far from unique in its overall conviction rate, which many activists deplore as low.

Note: The graphic excludes Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands. 

Sources: Ministry of Home Affairs