European Women's Lobby Observatory on Violence against Women

The EWL manages an Observatory on Violence against Women, drawing together experts from 33 countries. The EWL Observatory identifies critical and emerging issues, highlights advances and set-backs and provides relevant data in order to feed into the EWL’s policy work.  


The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) set up in 1997 an Observatory on Violence against Women drawing together experts with huge expertise in different forms of male violence against women. The EWL Observatory’s main objectives are to identify critical and emerging issues in order to feed the policy work of the EWL to advocate for improved policies and service provision for prevention and support of women victims of male violence. It raises visibility of the phenomenon of male violence against women and monitors the commitments at local, regional, national and European level regarding violence against women, highlighting advances and set-backs, as well as providing relevant data. The EWL Observatory on violence against women comprises now 33 experts (one from the 27 Member States and from 6 accession/neighbouring countries), nominated by national EWL coordination. 

10. Experts of the EWL Observatory

Experts of the EWL Observatory

The EWL Observatory on Violence against Women brings together experts from 33 (...)

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20. EWL work on violence against women

EWL work on violence against women

The EWL produces monitoring publications and lobbying materials on various aspects of violence (...)

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30. Country focus

Country focus

In this section you will find information on violence against women in the countries where the (...)

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