Minnesota (US State) Coalition for Battered Women - MCBW





Addresses issues of diversity of race, class, age, sexual orientation, language, and immigration status. 


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MCBW believes the systemic oppression of racial, ethnic, and cultural communities supports and perpetuates gender violence in all communities. In order to end violence against all women, MCBW has to make room for leadership and analysis of issues by women who have experienced oppression due to race, ethnicity, and/or cultural differences. One way MCBW hopes to achieve this objective is by creating new pathways for voices of women of color to be heard and influential at all levels of the organization. 

In particular, MCBW seeks to include more communities of color in our public policy work. MCBW has a strong history of effectively carrying out legislative policy that advances women's safety and security. Each year we develop and put forth legislative priorities to help us achieve this goal. However, we want to be more intentional in crafting legislation and initiating public policy efforts that incorporate and ensure the safety of all women, regardless of race, class, age, sexual orientation, language, or immigration status. 

In 2011, MCBW convened six community policy roundtables, plus one additional roundtable in which MCBW invited community leaders and member programs to attend the White House Initiative on Asian American & Pacific Islandersí roundtable. The Community Policy Roundtable Report summarizes the discussion and recommendations of the Initiative roundtable as well as the roundtables representing Shelter Advocates; African Americans; Native Americans; the Immigrant / Asian American / Latino communities; Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender / Queer (GLBTQ) communities; and Adults in Later Life (ALL).[1]