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Maria Butler, Director PeaceWomen Project 

June 13, 2012 - This edition of PeaceWomen ENews focuses on the deteriorating situation in Syria. At this time of brutal violence and gross violations, we wanted to focus on the women, peace and security aspects of the crisis. News with gender perspectives remains very limited but we have included below some news sources and articles on the situation.

In a recent statement, WILPF reiterated our call for an arms embargo on
Syria and demanded that all Member States, including Russia, cease any and all military sales and assistance. The situation is fuelled by the arms trade, both legal and illegal, which has lead to the region being awash with weapons. As we prepare for upcoming negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty, the situation in Syria must remain front and centre to remind us the ATT is about life and death. The Arms Trade Treaty has the potential to prevent arms transfers in situations bearing violations of international humanitarian law (IHL) and/or human rights standards, incidents of gender-based violence, or threats to sustainable development. We must support a strong ATT (see more on ATT here).

WILPF also continues to reiterate the importance of women’s participation. Women’s voices will be crucial in any attempt to find a political, peaceful and sustainable solution to what is rapidly becoming a civil war. The importance of meaningful participation in the region will be discussed further at WILPF International’s upcoming conference on the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region in
Geneva on June 20-22. Women from eight countries in the MENA region—Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen and Morocco—will participate in this meeting which follows national consultation in each of their countries. Discussions will focus on supporting efforts to reinforce peace and security in the region. (see more on WILPF MENA work here).

As World Refugee Day approaches on June 20, we send our solidarity to all those displaced around the world, including the thousands of civilians who are fleeing the shocking violence in

This edition includes an article with a summary of efforts by the UN and the international community, highlighting the need for
Russia and China to stop obstructing international action and some of the new advocacy calls.

Please share any information, resources, or news on
Syria with us at info@peacewomen.org.

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