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Some of these Guides are more specific to UK, but many include information that is useful for elderly women in multiple countries and situations.


 AgeUKIG01: Staying safe (PDF, 526KB)

 AgeUKIG02: Lesbian, gay or bisexual (PDF, 517KB)

 AgeUKIG03: When someone dies (PDF, 436KB)

 AgeUKIG04: Going solo (PDF, 785KB)

 AgeUKIG05: Avoiding scams (PDF, 495KB)

 AgeUKIG06: Care homes (PDF, 645KB)

 AgeUKIG07: Going into hospital (PDF, 567KB)

 AgeUKIG08: Housing options (PDF, 670 KB)

 AgeUKIG09: Health services (PDF, 629KB)

 AgeUKIG10: Useful contacts (PDF, 4MB)

 AgeUKIG12: Claiming benefits: a guide for people of working age (PDF, 1MB)

 AgeUKIG13: Advice for carers (PDF, 2MB)

 AgeUKIG14: Staying steady (PDF, 577KB)

 AgeUKIG15: Managing incontinence (PDF, 538KB)

 AgeUKIG16: Tax guide (PDF, 630KB)

 AgeUKIG17: Adapting your home (PDF, 2MB) 

 AgeUKIG18: Help with legal advice (PDF, 788KB)

 AgeUKIG19: Managing your money (PDF, 3MB)

 AgeUKIG20: Money matters (PDF, 2MB)

 AgeUKIG21: Powers of attorney (PDF, 808KB)

 AgeUKIG22: Making the most of the internet (PDF, 880KB)

 AgeUKIG23: Care at home (PDF, 759KB)

 AgeUKIG24: Healthy living (PDF, 1.3MB)

 AgeUKIG25: Retiring abroad (PDF, 956KB)

 AgeUKIG26: Personal budgets (PDF, 807KB)

 AgeUKIG27: Winter wrapped up (PDF, 793KB)

 AgeUKIG28: Can I afford to retire? (PDF, 956KB)

 AgeUKIG29: Looking after someone else's affairs (PDF, 3MB)

 AgeUKIG30: Save energy, pay less (PDF, 760KB)

 AgeUKIG31: Wills and estate planning (PDF, 907KB) 

 AgeUKIG32: Bereavement (PDF, 1.8MB) 

 AgeUKIG33: Your rights at work (PDF, 1.8MB) 

 AgeUKIG34: Working past retirement (PDF, 1.2MB)

 AgeUKIG35: Leisure and learning (PDF, 991KB)

 AgeUKIG36: Your consumer rights (PDF, 980KB)

 AgeUKIG37: Caring for your eyes (PDF, 1.1MB)

 AgeUKIG38: Healthy eating (PDF, 4MB)

 AgeUKIG43: More money in your pocket (PDF, 3MB)

 AgeUKIL1: Staying cool in a heatwave (PDF, 101KB)

 AgeUKIL2: Tracing lost money (PDF, 2MB)

 AgeUKIL3: Flu prevention (PDF, 500KB)

 AgeUKIL4: Internet security (PDF, 1MB)

 AgeUKIL5: Care home checklist (PDF, 508KB)

 AgeUKIL6: Equity release (PDF, 632KB) 

 AgeUKIL8: How to be an executor (PDF, 608KB)

 AgeUKIL7: Home safety checker (PDF, 685KB) 

 AgeUKIL9: Digital switchover (PDF, 713KB)

 380 0309: Buying a computer (PDF, 200KB)

 Strength and balance exercises for healthy ageing (PDF, 699KB)

Information Sheets

 IS6: Planning a holiday (PDF, 135KB)

Fact Sheets

 Later life in the UK (PDF, 207KB)

 FS1: Help with heating costs (PDF, 193KB)

 FS2: Buying retirement housing (PDF, 191KB)

 FS3: Television licence concessions (PDF, 146KB)

 FS4: Rights at work (PDF, 262KB)

 FS5: Dental care NHS and private treatment (PDF, 189KB)

 FS6: Finding help at home (PDF, 246KB)

 FS7: Making a Will (PDF, 191KB)

 FS8: Council and housing association housing (PDF, 188KB)

 FS9: Anti-social behaviour in housing (PDF, 188KB)

FS10: Paying for permanent residential care (PDF, 258KB)

FS11: Help with looking for work or starting your own business (PDF, 240KB)

FS12: Planning for retirement: money and tax (PDF, 276KB)

 FS13: Funding repairs, improvements and adaptations (PDF, 113KB)

 FS14: Dealing with an estate (PDF, 198KB)

 FS15: Income tax (PDF, 212KB)

 FS16: Transgender issues in later life (PDF, 279KB)

 FS17: Housing benefit and council tax benefit (PDF, 232KB)

 FS18: Information about telephones (PDF, 177KB)

 FS19: State pension (PDF, 243KB)

 FS20: NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care (PDF, 316KB)

 FS21: Council tax (PDF, 163KB)

 FS22: Arranging for someone to make decisions about your finance or welfare (PDF, 312KB)

 FS23: Help with continence (PDF, 157KB)

 FS24: Self-directed support: Direct Payments & Personal Budgets (PDF, 361KB)

 FS25 Returning from abroad (PDF, 305KB)

 FS26: Public transport and concessions (PDF, 175KB)

 FS27: Planning for a funeral (PDF, 252KB)

 FS28 Tracing lost money (PDF, 208KB)

 FS29: Finding care home accommodation (PDF, 287KB)

 FS34: Attendance allowance (PDF, 182KB)

 FS35: Tenants rights: rent (PDF, 151KB)

 FS37: Hospital discharge arrangements (PDF, 284KB)

 FS38: Treatment of property in the means test for permanent care home provision (PDF, 199KB)

 FS39: Paying for care in a care home if you have a partner (PDF, 93KB)

 FS40: Deprivation of assets in the means test for care home provision (PDF, 98KB)

 FS41: LA assessment for community care services (PDF, 337KB)

 FS42: Disability equipment and how to get it (PDF, 248KB)

 FS43: Getting legal advice (PDF, 167KB)

 FS44: NHS services (PDF, 309KB)

 FS46: Paying for care and support at home (PDF, 231KB)

 FS48: Pension credit (PDF, 280KB)

 FS49: The Social Fund (PDF, 161KB)

 FS52: Disability living allowance (PDF, 250KB)

 FS53: Capital, income and means-tested benefits (PDF, 215KB)

 FS55: Carer's allowance (PDF, 152KB)

 FS56: Guide to benefits for people under state pension age (PDF, 167KB)

 FS58: Paying for temporary care in a care home (PDF, 71KB)

 FS59: How to resolve problems and make a complaint about social care (PDF, 228KB)

 FS60: Choice of accommodation (PDF, 691KB)

 FS61: Help with health costs (PDF, 165KB)

 FS62: Deprivation of liberty safeguards (PDF, 225KB)

 FS63: Finding private rented accommodation (PDF, 163KB)

 FS64: Retirement (sheltered) housing (PDF, 164KB)

 FS65: Equity release (PDF, 204KB)

 FS66: Resolving problems and making a complaint about care (PDF, 188KB)

 FS67: Tenants rights: repairs (PDF, 168KB)

 FS68: Tenants rights: Security of tenure (PDF, 161KB)

 FS69: Water advice (PDF, 154KB)

 FS70: Dealing with disputes at work (PDF, 185KB)

 FS71: Park Homes (PDF, 159KB)

 FS72: Advance decisions, advance statements and living wills (PDF, 181KB)

 FS73: Driving and parking (PDF, 207KB)

 FS74: Challenging welfare benefit decisions (PDF, 238KB)

 FS75: Debt advice (PDF, 160KB)

 FS76: Intermediate care (PDF, 172KB)

 FS77: The law on age discrimination (PDF, 205KB)

 FS78: Safeguarding older people from abuse (PDF, 271KB)

 FS79: The Equality Act 2010: the Public Sector Equality Duty

 FS80: Employment and Support Allowance (PDF, 251KB) 

 FS81: Calculating income-related Employment and Support Allowance (PDF, 267KB)

 FS82: Switching energy supplier