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Armenia -“Agate” Center For Women With Special Needs

“Agate”  is  a Non Governmental Organization,  which  was founded in  Gyumri, Armenia  in 2007,  specifically,  taking into account the circumstance, that there wasn’t any organization to protect the rights of women with disabilities.


The members of NGO are 16-40 years old 50  young persons  with disabilities from Shirak region.  During last 4 years we have successfully  implemented different projects and now our organization is well known not only  in our county but also among other international organizations.


      The mission of the NGO is to improve the quality of life of  girls and women with disabilities , protect their human rights through social-psychological integration.

     1. To promote the social integration of girls and women with disabilities  in Shirak Region and encourage them to live independent lives.
     2. To promote the creation of employment opportunities for girls and women with special needs in Shirak Region.
     3. To promote advocacy of people with disabilities by improvement of RA Legislation.
     4. To promote the change of public attitude towards persons with disabilities.
     5. To promote capacity development of "Agate" NGO.
     6. To promote the development of active cooperation among state structures and non governmental organizations engaged in the issues of persons with disabilities .

"Young Women's Network: Razing our voices in Europe"

7th -13th of June 2008

The president  and  two members of  “Agate” NGO  took part in the project in Warsaw, Poland,  within the frameworks of  "Young Women's Network: Razing our voices in Europe" .

23-27 August 2008


The president of NGO  took part in  21st World Congress of Rehabilitation International in Canada aimed at promoting the implementation of UN convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities.

Our organization have implemented different programs  to inquire about the Convention.


“All are able”
 November 2008-June 2009

The  project  was  implemented by the financial assistance of Mama Cash foundation. The goal of the project  was to  improve the quality of life of 16-40 years old girls and women with disabilities,  protect       their human rights through social-psychological integration, to motivate and encourage them to be optimistic, active and demanding and  fight for better life and change the attitude  of community towards them.
The following trainings were organized for young girls and women during this project:

·        Computer

·        Basic English lessons

·        Crafts

·        Hairdressing

·        Leadership trainings (policy and legislation, project planning and proposal writing, fundraising success stories and strategies, healthcare, parenting, prevention of domestic violence, self-defence, family planning, HIV/AIDS, work with mass media)

We provided  psychological and legal consultations.
During this project we organized intellectual game competition, we celebrated New year and  purification (Trndez) events. Our beneficiaries were given certificates for participation in  the trainings.   


“Nothing about us without us"

June-August 2009


 “Agate” NGO  published  the Armenian version of Convention On The Rights of People With Disabilities” (CRPD).  The booklets were distributed to organizations dialing with disability issue, to beneficiaries and other community members. The NGO developed the strategy plane for  2010-2015. As a result of round-table discussions a package of proposals were  carried out and was represented to the national  committee dealing with disability issue, in order to realize them.  The NGO prepared its Website. We stabled a  network of state and non-state agencies dealing with disability issues in Gyumri. Our NGO coordinates  the activities of the network.


We also cooperate  with the referent of NGOs of the municipality, who links us with the mayor to realize our recommendations regarding making the city accessible for people with disabilities.

Օur organization submitted recommendation to the municipality of Gyumri, according to which a committee for the issues  of  persons wih disabilities  was formed in the municipality. The committee consists of 9 members and the president of our NGO is  one of them. 

“Women with disabilities are future leaders”
2009 October-2010 March 


“Women with disabilities are future leaders”  project was implemented by the  financial assistance of “Abilis” foundation in Finland. During this project we organizes pastry making and design, computer, English and beading   trainings for 30 women and girls with disabilities  from Gyumri city. One of the goals of the project was to raise the awareness about  Convention On The Rights of People With Disabilities” (CRPD). 5 beneficiaries of our NGO were involved in in project as staff members.   


“All Are Able 2”
2010 April –November


“All are able ” project was implemented by the financial assistance  of  “Open Society Institute  Assistance foundation – Armenian Branch”.  The duration of the project was 8 months.
One of the initiatives of “Agate” NGO was to raise awareness of society on UN CRPD  in Shirak marz. We  organized  round table-discussions with the participation of representatives of village hall, people with disabilities and community members in  5 regions of Shirak marz (Ani, Akhuryan, Artik, Ashotcq and Amasia). The beneficiaries of this project were women and girls with disabilities from above mentioned regions and Gyumri  city.
“Agate” NGO implemented leadership, computer, basic English language lessons, cooking and designing cakes and pastries, designing tables and delicacies , sign language, computer, handwork and  beading, hairdressing and make up trainings.
During this project “Agate” NGO collaborated with  “Dialogue” center in Yerevan:  the social worker and the psychologist of “Agate” NGO attended sign language  trainings and got certificates. The psychologist make individual and group psychological consultations for our beneficiaries.

“Agate” NGO organized different cultural events, presentations of films and excretions to sightseeing of Armenia.



“One Step forward”
2010 June-

The goal of the project was to stimulate the integration of deaf and hard of hearing persons in society and was financed by A.D. Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Centre. Within the framework of the project the first Armenian sign language electronic dictionary was prepared which  includes 250 Armenian signs. It is perfect self –training   DVD for the target group  and for their family members. The dictionary made the communication between hearing persons and the deaf ones more accessible.

“All Are Equal”

The goal of the project is to raise the awareness about rights of persons with disabilities living in Shirak region within organizations dialing with disability issue and other interested organizations. A social advertisement were shown on local television, which informed  about the  Convention On The Rights of People With Disabilities”.  

A round table was  organized with the participation of  committee for the issues of people with disabilities of  municipality  and other organizations dealing with disability issue.

On the 3ed of December – the international day of persons with disabilities,  marches were  organized in Ararat, Gegharkunik, Shirak and Lory regions. The march in Shirak region were organized  by “Agate” NGO. Persons with disabilities, students and other interested persons and organizations were present at this march.  One of the goals of the project was integration. At the end of the march a balloon with wishes   was send to the sky with the hope that  some day all the dreams   will come true.


“Education for everyone"


May-December 2011 - The centre implemented “Education for everyone” project for the future pedagogues in five  higher educational institutions of Gyumri by the financial assistance of “Bridge of hope” NGO from April to December, 2011.The aim of the project is to give information to students about inclusive education and problems of disabled youth.The participants of that seminars were pedagogues, students, youth with disabilities. They said it is important to involve deaf and hard of hearing children in public schools, as there is only one school for deaf in Yerevan. The participants realized the importance of that seminars and offered to organize such seminars often.”Agate” centre’s representatives hope these seminars will change something in Gyumri.


“I can be in the first rows”

June 1-August 31 2011


“Agate” centre implemented “I can be in the first rows” project within the framework of A.D. Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Centre “Civil society initiatives” in June-August 2011. The aim of the project was to promote the awareness on social conditions of   young people with disabilities by shooting a documentary film. The film was  distributed to organizations dealing with youth with disabilities, employers and community members.

“I can be in the first rows” film presentation took place in “Home of celebrations” in Gyumri. “I can be in the first rows” film is about 7 young people who have  disabilities and hearing impairments. There representatives  from many different institutions and  local governmental bodies were invited. After the presentation participants who were filmed in the film got certificates and DVD disks were distributed to all the guests and participants. The film had been shown on “Gala” TV three times. 



“Social integration centre”

June 2011-June 2012


“Agate” centre has implemented two projects by the financial assistance of  ”Newman’s own” and “Global fund for women ” foundations. Within the framework of this project the centre is organizing hairdressing, computer, English, pastry  making and design, handwork and beading, make up, swimming, gardening,  literacy classes, cultural  trainings.

English trainers of “Agate” centre have translated “A health handbook for women with disabilities”.


“Step forward”

October-December 2011


“Agate” centre created Armenian-American sign language dictionary and DVD  by the financial assistance of US Embassy in Armenia.  Electronic dictionary and book contains 300/totally          600/ Armenian and American signs for primary communication. There are also Armenian and English alphabets and numbers till 100.”Agate” NGO implemented a wonderful project which will promote the awareness of community about deaf people and their language.


Implemented events of “Agate” NGO during its 4 year activity

The surprise of “Agate” centre with Silva Hakobyan

July 8 2010

On 8th of July we organized an event in #18 schools in Gyumri. The aim of this event was to stimulate the social integration of young people with hearing impairments and to promote the awareness about sign language.”Agate” centre summarized “All are able” 6 months project and   announced the beginning of 2 new projects.  Silva Hakobyan, the parents of beneficiaries and other guests were present during this event. The event began with dance of center’s beneficiaries, which was a surprise for both a singer and guests.”Agate” centre’s staff and beneficiaries presented Silva Hakobyan’s song in Armenian sign language. A short performance   was presented about the employment rights of disabled people. The centre’s young people with hearing impairments danced  and it was the first step in their lives. Certificates were handed to all beneficiaries. Silva Hakobyan was deeply impressed and she offered to shoot a clip with our beneficiaries with hearing impairments. 


The deaf  beneficiaries of “Agate” centre danced at Silva Hakobyan’s solo concert


On October 16 our eight deaf and hard of hearing beneficiaries (4 couples) danced on the big stage in  Sport and Concert Complex after Karen Demirchyan in Yerevan during Silva Hakobyan’s solo concert. It was a real miracle for thousands of spectators.


In 2010 “Agate” centre organized different cultural events, film-screening and excursions to cultural sights of Armenia. The year was summarized with New Year and Christmas event. We organized an event in accessions of closing the project. At this party we hosted the head of Regional Centre of Employment of “State Employment service” agency of RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, doctors and heads of villages and cities of five regions in Shirak marz, representatives from Social Centre, A.D. Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Centre “Civil society initiatives “,”World Vision “. Santa Clause charred up all the participants.



Cognitive   excursions to  cultural sights of Armenia

                                January-December 2011


The president of  “Agate” NGO-Karine Grigoryan  is   the coordinator of  “Aid Armenia” Foundation  in Shirak Marz since 2011. By  the  assistance of   “Agate” NGO many excursions  were organized for  “Child care and protection  2nd  boarding  school  after  Frityov Nansen”, “ Artik’ s elderly and  disabled community centre”, ”Ani disabled  children’s centre” NGO, ”Agate” centre for women with special needs NGO,”Cildren’s social care  centre in Gyumri”, “Aregak  day care centre for disabled children” ,”Gyumri’s  child  care and protection  1st boarding  school ”, “Arch of hope”  NGO  in Amasia (totally 300). During these  tours  many dreams came true: they travel  to  Oshakan  memorial of Mesrop Mashtotc , Matenadaran  (The Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts),Tsitsernakaberd, Ejmiatsin, Zoo in Erevan,Khor Virap,  Haghartsin Monastery, Harichavanq, Garni,Gekhard,Stepanavan. It is anticipated  excursions to  historical  and cultural monuments,Sightseeing  in  Armenia, as well as concerts, theatrical plays, participation in festivals, visits to exhibitions, galleries, museums and other entertainment events. By financial assistance of “Aid Armenia” foundation  “Agate” NGO  coordinates   swimming lessons  for  the beneficiaries  of our centre, “Child care and protection  2nd  boarding  school  after  Frityov Nansen”, “Aregak  day care centre for disabled children” ,”Trchunyan tun”  boarding school. On the 1st of July  120  children with disabilities were able to watch  Erevan’s  circus ”  in  Gyumri dramatic theatre after Vardan Adjemyan. All the participants express their gratitude to “Agate” NGO  for the support and care .



“Agate” centre celebrated “Terndez” and St Valentine

                                         February 14, 2011

On the 14th of February “Agate” centre celebrated Terndez. The youth of centre made  a fire trying to melt and avoid the winter. They made traditional roasted grains of wheat as its abundance came down to everybody.

On that day the centre also organized “St Valentine’s Day” campaign, the aim of which was to distribute many love wishes to the passengers. It was a pleasure for everybody to get wishes  and balloons.



Film presentation in “Home of celebrations” in Gyumri

August 27, 2011


In August 27 “I can be in the first rows” film presentation took place in “Home of celebrations” in Gyumri. On the own initiative of “Agate” centre “The miracle of nowadays” film had been shouted. The film is about the centre’s 4 year activities, implemented projects, its trainings, cooperation with international organizations.

“I can be in the first rows” film is about seven young people who have disabilities and hearing impairments. Representatives from many different institutions, local governmental bodies were invited there. After presentation participants who took part in the shooting of the film  got certificates and 200 DVD disks were distributed to all guests and participants. The film made great impression on different organizations and community members.