Conference registration is open. To register please click here to download the form, and submit via email to and with the subject line “Registration”. For any further inquiries please contact May El Sallab

Within the framework of The Women and Memory Forum’s interest in issues of cultural research in gender and women’s studies, and in keeping with the organization’s mission of the production of alternative knowledge about women in the Arab world which would support justice, equal opportunities, and reshaping power relations within various social structures, WMF in cooperation with The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) and The Danish Center for Information on Gender, Equality and Ethnicity KVINFO will organize a conference on “Feminism and Islamic Perspectives: New Horizons of Knowledge and Reform,” with participants from Egypt, the Arab world, and Europe.

The conference will take place in Cairo, 17-18 March, 2012.

The conference aims to stir debate on the subject, bring it to the Egyptian and Arab scene, encourage knowledge production in Arabic language, foster a North South dialogue as well as regional interaction on the issue, and to exchange experiences regarding current Muslim women’s issues in both the Arab region and the European context.

The conference will produce two books in both Arabic and English languages, with translated papers. The conference will also create a network of Arab Islamic Feminists and European Muslims to meet periodically and to dialogue regularly though an online platform.