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While women’s organisations across Europe are preparing for the International Women’s Day 2012, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) contributes to the celebrations in Brussels by launching 10 Days of Action for women’s rights in Europe. During the 10 days, the EWL takes action for HER Future and invites you to be part of it, too!


The aim of the EWL 10 Days of Action is to shed light on the inequalities that women of all ages and backgrounds face in Europe and make concrete proposals to make equality between women and men a reality in today’s challenging times. We believe that every girl and woman deserves nothing less!


Do you want to know more? Watch the video greeting of EWL Secretary General Cécile Gréboval, who explains what the EWL 10 Days of Action are about and how you can join our activities: http://youtu.be/nO-2goZ19BU


To launch the 10 Days of Action for HER Future, the EWL has released new facts and figures on women in the EU. You can download the facts and figure in English or in French.


Read the full programme of the EWL 10 Days of Action on the EWL website in English or in French!


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