Report of the SR on freedom of religion or belief


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D. Application of a gender perspective

16. The Special Rapporteur has continued to apply a gender perspective, inter alia, through the identification of gender-specific abuses, in the reporting process, including in information collection and in recommendations. One of the key concerns raised includes allegations of forced conversion of women, especially if they belong to religious minorities.

17. The Special Rapporteurs latest interim report submitted to the General Assembly (A/66/156) also highlights the important role of women when the State is promoting interreligious communication. In his statement to the Third Committee of the General Assembly on 20 October 2011, the Special Rapporteur emphasized that substantive and substantial participation by women in formal interreligious dialogue projects should be a priority in order to address the current imbalance in the composition of high-level interreligious dialogue events where women tend to be marginalized.5