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What is Women Enabled?

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Women Enabled is an education and advocacy project developed by Stephanie Ortoleva to bring attention to the urgent need to advocate for the human rights of all women and girls and to include women and girls with disabilities in international resolutions, policies and programs addressing women’s human rights and development.  Stephanie is an international human rights lawyer, researcher, educator   and advocate for the rights of women and for the rights of persons with disabilities worldwide. 

Logo is the women symbol with the letters ‘WE’ inside it




Listen to Stephanie Ortoleva on Women's Voice Radio on Sunday, October 30 11 am Eastern Time in the U.S.  Click for details!

Stephanie Ortoleva’s Submission to the CEDAW Committee for their General Discussion on Women and Conflict and post-Conflict Situations – Inclusion of Women with Disabilities is now available on the CEDAW website.

On this “Love Your Body Day” read Erin Matson, Vice President Action, National Organization for Women, “Love Your Body Day: A Woman's Body Politic,” Huffington Post, 18 October 2011

I am pleased to announce that, in cooperation with the National Organization for Women’s Global Feminist Committee, the National NOW Officers  and other international women’s human rights colleagues, we are pleased to present a video by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women Rashida Manjoo Esq., discussing the report she made to the U.N. General Assembly on Oct. 10, 2011 about the situation of violence against women in the United States. 

Stephanie Ortoleva thanks former U.S. Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder for her work on women's health with a personal tribute as a survivor of breast cancer - National Organization for Women National Conference, Florida, June 25, 2011

Disability rights and reproductive rights advocates joined to file a Brief in Gauer and Others v France at the European Court of Human Rights challenging France’s forced sterilization of women with intellectual disabilities, drawing on provisions of the CRPD and other human rights treaties prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender and disability and denial of the right of access to justice.

National Organization for Women Passes Resolution  demanding inclusion of women with disabilities in U.S. State Department programs, June 26, 2011

International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Speaks Out Against Non-Consensual Forced Sterilization of Women with Disabilities – June 2011

World Health Organization & World Bank, World Report on Disability, 9 June 2011, now estimating that there are One Billion persons with disabilities worldwide.

Current Publications

See my law review article -  Stephanie Ortoleva, “Inaccessible Justice: Human Rights, Persons with Disabilities and the Legal System, 17 ILSA J. Int'l & Comp. L. 281 (Spring 2011).

Stephanie Ortoleva, Esq., Right Now! - Women with Disabilities Build Peace Post-Conflict, BARBARA FAYE WAXMAN FIDUCCIA PAPERS ON WOMEN AND GIRLS WITH DISABILITIES, CENTER FOR WOMEN POLICY STUDIES, April 2011

Open Letter to the UN Under-Secretary-General for UN Women “Addressing the Needs of Women with Disabilities in UN Women

Advancing Disability Rights Through Strategic Human Rights Reporting: Fostering Disability Rights Organizations Participation in the UN Universal Periodic Review Procedures by Stephanie Ortoleva

Take Action

Write to UN Women and the CEDAW Committee encouraging them to include women and girls with disabilities as leaders in their work on women, peace and security in conflict and post-conflict situations. Click here to take action