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Karnali is an anchal or zone (first-order administrative district) in the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. The headquarters is Jumla. Karnali Zone is one of the poorest and most remote regions of Nepal.

Photo of Jumla Women - Action Works Nepal

          The Popular Education (REFLECT) with women's group

In the map of the Nepal, Karnali falls at last in Human Development Index (see below for details). It is one of the place of the world which has the shortest life expectancy; 37 years in Mugu and in Karnali 46 year at birth. The female literacy of Karnali is only 10% where as national figure 34 % . The school drop out and repetition rate of the school going children are also very high (8-20% national figure, MOE, 2009) due to poor quality of education, insufficient facilities and other several contributing factors. In top of these data and information, Karnali is rich in deeply rooted bad superstitions, believes towards their lives. For instance, women and girls are using cowshed during their menstruation and child birth which is very dangerous practice for productive and healthy life of them as well as entire society. Likewise, there is rampant of various forms of gender and sexual based violence.

In this given scenario, with extensive experiences, knowledge and skills on development approaches, AWON (Action Works Nepal) has taken Karnali as an entry strategy/location. Currently, the activities have already initiated formally in Jumla. The scope of work will be extended over Karnali and other targeted districts gradually.