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Join the Coalition for a European Union Year to End Violence Against Women

[Brussels, 14 October 2011] Join more than 25 European-wide organisations, around 70 national NGOs, and more than 250 individuals, calling for an EU Year to End Violence against Women!

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) has initiated a broad European advocacy movement, gathering NGOs and decision-makers, lobbying for comprehensive EU action on violence against women and for a European Year on combating and preventing violence against women.

Since its launch in April, the Coalition has gained more and more support. This gives us a strong voice to call on the EU for an EU Year to End Violence against Women. Join our movement to foster the advocacy for Eu comprehensive action against violence against women!

To date, the EU has no binding legislation in place to deal with this most pervasive human rights abuse within its borders. However, violence against women affects approximately 45% of all women across Europe. An estimated one-fifth of women in the EU suffer from violence within the home and more than one in ten women is a victim of sexual violence involving the use of force: in the UK, 80 000 women experience rape or attempted rape; in France, one woman is killed every three days by her partner.

We need to act! The European Commission has committed to elaborate an EU policy framework on combating violence against women by 2012. The European Parliament has been asking for years for an EU year to end violence against women.

Whether you are an MEP, a national decision-maker, a European, international or national organisation, or an individual, we need your support to demonstrate that women cannot wait to be free from violence!

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