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08.23.11This report is an update to Maternal Mortality in India: Using International and Constitutional Law to Promote Accountability and Change, published by the Center for Reproductive Rights (the Center) in 2008. Since its release, Maternal Mortality in India has been distributed extensively, and has been utilized in the development of several groundbreaking maternal health cases filed by the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) in India.
This update serves two purposes. First, it highlights some of the most important international legal developments that have taken place toward the formal recognition of maternal mortality as a human rights issue since the launch of the original report. It also demonstrates the meaningful impact of public interest litigation on efforts to address maternal mortality in India. The Center and HRLN are pleased to present this report to illuminate the recent progress made in establishing maternal mortality as a human rights issue and to expose some of the challenges encountered. We hope that our experience will inspire the use of legal accountability strategies to address this ongoing crisis in other countries and regions throughout the world