World Coucil 2011




The World YWCA and the International Women's Summit is an opportunity to be part of a special experience and join more than 1000 YWCA women and their partner organisations from over 100 countries for a few unforgettable days

 Who should Attend?

·                       World YWCA Council  

YWCA leaders, members, staff and volunteers, friends and partners. In addition to official delegates, World Council is open to observers

·                       International Women's Summit (IWS)  

In conjunction with the World Council, the World YWCA also organises the International Women's Summit (IWS) which is a global conference on the cutting-edge issues in the lives of women.


The IWS is organised in collaboration with partner organisation and is open to participants including:

·                       YWCA delegates

·                       International, national and community-based women’s rights activists

·                       Governmental and inter-governmental representatives

·                       HIV positive women’s networks

·                       Ecumenical organisations

·                       Youth organisations

·                       Media

·                       Researchers,

·                       Advocates and other stakeholders and observers.