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Kuala Lumpur Guidelines for a Human Rights Approach

to Economic Policy in Agriculture




DAWN Workshop on a Human Rights Approach to Economic Policy in Agriculture: Engendering Kuala Lumpur Guidelines in a Fierce New World

2011 January 26-27
Miriam College, Philippines

The overall objective of the workshop was to contribute to a more holistic, integrative  and inter-linkages approach to analysis and advocacy among CSOs/NGOs that include women’s rights / gender justice advocates, in the Asian and Philippine contexts. Specifically, it aimed to:

1. To introduce the Kuala Lumpur Guidelines to a small group of advocates for social justice, gender justice & human rights in Asia and the Philippines and in doing so, discuss linkages with gender justice;

2. To discuss and provide preliminary feedback on the potentials as well as challenges in using the KL Guidelines based on actual advocacy experiences or anticipated advocacy scenarios coming from the diverse contexts of the workshop participants; and

3. To undergo an initial experience of conceptualizing a case study and utilizing an HR informed analysis using the KL Resource Manual, which can be utilized b the activists in their capacity building work with local groups.

DAWN shares with the public some of the presentations as a way of enlarging the initial discussions held in Manila:

1. Introduction to DAWN and Interlinkages Analysis by Anita Nayar

2. Introduction to the Kuala Lumpur Guidelines: Demystifying the Legal Language of Human Rights and Linking This to Economic Policy by Aldo Caliari

3. Utilizing the Human Rights Mechanism for Demanding State Obligation in Human Rights in Relation to Economic Policies and Program by Joel Lasam