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Girls Decide


A major focus of our work is to provide sexual and reproductive health services to young women and girls.




A young woman sitting on the edge of a beachGirls' Journeys
Turning decisions into reality: part of the Girls Decide initiative.  

Hosna - played by an actorChild marriage: Hosna's journey, Bangladesh
IPPF considers child marriage to be a human rights violation. 

Nomvelo - played by an actorLiving with HIV: Nomvelo's journey, Swaziland
With proper care and medications, young women living with HIV who want to have children can conceive without transmitting HIV to their partner or their baby.

Valeria - played by an actorUnplanned pregnancy: Valeria's journey, Argentina
Abortion is a very safe health procedure when done by a trained professional, using safe, effective methods in a sterile environment.

Halimah - played by an actorYoung motherhood: Halimah's journey, Indonesia
IPPF believes that all young women have the right to education, including pregnant girls and young mothers.

Ayla - played by an actorSexual violence: Ayla's journey, Syria
Worldwide, up to 50 per cent of sexual assaults are committed against girls younger than 16 years.

Odeta - played by an actorPregnancy: Odeta's journey, Albania
Millions of adolescent girls have unintended pregnancies and need support from their loved ones, including their male partners.