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Indigenous Cultures

The future of our planet depends on saving both the remaining biologically diverse ecosystems and the cultural, credible diversity of the tribal peoples of the world. The ancient cultures of native peoples, threatened by modern assimilation, are the only known, proven time-tested models for the sustainable consumption of the Earth’s threatened natural resources.

Native Planet hopes that you enjoy our cultural documentaries that will show you the fascinating world of indigenous peoples and their unique cultures—and why the preservation of their tribal lifeways is essential to a world where life is sustainable and both cultural diversity and biological diversity flourish.


Indigenous Mapping: Ethnic Communities from Around the World

One of Native Planet's main goals is to raise global awareness of all traditional cultures as well as the challenges they are facing. We are producing one of the most comprehensive databases available about indigenous communities to record these cultures before they vanish or are assimilated. We are also making this information available to the public so that schools, scholars and all other interested readers may benefit from it.