2009-2010 Annual Report

Global Fund for Women - Another World Is On Her Way


Ensuring accountability. Documenting her-stories. Building solidarity. Breaking out of the margins. Rising from the rubble. These are windows into the lives and work of our grantee partners. They pioneer innovative strategies to advance equality and justice. As they succeed, we all succeed. We dare to say, “Another world is on her way...”

In this annual report:

·                                 Video Interview with Kavita N. Ramdas

·                                 Americas: Rising from the Rubble

·                                 Middle East & North Africa: Documenting Her-Stories

·                                 Sub-Saharan Africa: Ensuring Accountability

·                                 Asia & Oceania: Building Solidarity

·                                 Europe & The Commonwealth of Independent States: Breaking Out of the Margins

·                                 Financial Highlights and Stewardship of Resources FY 2009-2010

·                                 Complete List of Grantees 2009-10

The annual report/poster above is available free. Please contact Katy Lebow at klebow[at]globalfundforwomen.org to get a copy. You can also download the annual report as a pdf (1.7MB)

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