Diversity and Female Political Participation: Views on and from the Arab World


October 25, 2010

Equality, respect for human rights, and protection of citizens’ rights by the government are mutually enhancing features of good governance. They are meant to refer to men and women alike, implying that the denial of equal rights and equal participation based on gender discrimination is incompatible with the notion of good governance – and the notion of democracy. But what does the political participation of women look like within the immense diversity of the Arabic world? How are gender conditions linked to the possibility of achieving good governance and democracy?  Which roles does Islam play in enforcing women participation in this part of the world? In this edition of the Heinrich Boell Foundation’s series on Democracy, these questions are analyzed based on historical and current developments of gender relationships, and the role of women in the politics of Egypt, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. 
With contributions by Claudia Derichs, Hoda Salah, Azadeh Zamirirad, Hala Kindelberger, Dana Fennert, and Vania Carvalho Pinto.

Publication series on democracy, Volume 21:
Diversity and Female Political Participation: Views on and from the Arab World
Concept, compilation, editing by Claudia Derichs
Edited by the Heinrich Böll Foundation
Berlin, October 2010, 120 pages
ISBN 978-3-86928-040-0

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