Gender & Development
Special issue: The Economic Crisis
Volume 18:2, July 2010

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Ruth Pearson and Caroline Sweetman

The global economic crisis, its gender and ethnic implications, and policy responses
Stephanie Seguino

Gender and the global economic crisis in developing countries: a framework for analysis
Diane Elson

Critical times: gendered implicationsof the economic crisis for migrant workers from Burma/Myanmar in Thailand
Jackie Pollock and Soe Lin Au

Feminised recession: impact of the global financial crisis on women garment workers in the Philippines
Kristina Gaerlan, Marion Cabrera, Patricia Samia, and Ed L. Santoalla

Securing the fruits of their labours: the effect of the crisis on women farm workers in Peru's Ica valley
Reineira Arguello

Cheap and disposable? The impact of the global economic crisis on the migration of Ethiopian women domestic workers
Bina Fernandez

The effects of the global economic crisis on women in the informal economy: research findings from WIEGO and the Inclusive Cities partners
Zoe Elena Horn

How the global economic crisis reaches marginalised workers: the case of street traders in Johannesburg, South Africa
Jennifer Cohen

Crisis, care and childhood: the impact of economic crisis on care work in poor households in the developing world
Jessica Espey, Caroline Harper, and Nicola Jones

Resources, Views, events, and debates, book reviews
Liz Cooke

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