GenderIT.org emerged from the Association for Progressive Communications Women's Networking Support Programme's advocacy work in information and communications technologies (ICTs). The need to have examples of national policy, gender-sensitive language, tools for lobbying, and an understanding of the impact of poor or positive policy all within easy access has been expressed by ICT advocates and policy makers alike.



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Violence against women and ICTs - part 2

The previous edition of GenderIT.org brought you a snapshot of ICT and violence against women (VAW) law and policy in 12 countries across three regions. In this follow-up issue, GenderIT.org aims to document the centrality of ICTs in efforts to stop violence against women and girls. Women’s rights activists and governments prepare to converge at the 54th session of the Commission of the Status of Women for the 15-year review of the Beijing Platform for Action. Along with our guest editor, Jan Moolman, we are asking: ‘where is women’s “J” spot’?


Note: Despite the fact that the BPFA contemplates Section “J” in Chapter 3, about Women and Media, the issue is hardly found in the provisional agenda for the evaluation process.

http://www.radiofeminista.net/feb05/notas/jpoint.htm - 2005 Beijing + 10 reflections for 2010 Beijing + 15 Review.

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