Gender & Development: The Economic Crisis

In July 2010, the international journal Gender & Development, (published for Oxfam GB by Routledge/Taylor and Francis) will publish a Special Issue on Gender and the Economic Crisis. It will be co-edited by Caroline Sweetman of Oxfam GB, and Professor Ruth Pearson of the Centre for Development Studies, University of Leeds.

We hope the Special Issue on the Economic Crisis will result in:

Mapping, learning and networking of what we know to date about the impact of the economic crisis on women and gender relations, and future implications for national growth, poverty alleviation and feminist empowerment.

Clearer knowledge of good research, activism and support at grassroots level, and who is doing each of these.

Increased knowledge on the part of development researchers, policymakers and activists about how to support women's rights, and gender equality, as we weather this crisis.

Contributions are invited from development researchers and workers who have experience to share with their peers, and with policymakers and decision-makers in development agencies and governments. 

We would anticipate the issue including articles focusing on:

This Special Issue forms a part of a wider project run by Oxfam GB aiming to support learning on Gender and the Economic Crisis. For more information about this, and the journal more generally, including full guidelines for contributors, please visit www.genderanddevelopment.org

If you would like to write on any of the above, or have other ideas about articles we should commission, please send a paragraph outlining your proposed idea to gadeditor@oxfam.org.uk, as soon as possible, and before 31 July 2009. Commissioned articles will have a deadline of 30 November 2009.

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