AWID Analysis of Women’s Movements and 10 Case Studies from Different Regions of the World that Mobilized Women to Make a Difference

AWID’s Building Feminist Movements and Organisations (BFEMO) initiative undertook a series of 10 case studies from different regions of the world that had mobilized women to make a difference. The case studies are not a full representation of current women’s movements but rather an initial effort to document an interesting variety of movement experiences.

The Building Feminist Movements and Organizations Initiative was launched by AWID as part of its 2006 strategic plan. One of the goals of the initiative is to advance our understanding of feminist movements in the current global context.

The case studies were undertaken by researchers identified by AWID’s BFEMO team and our advisors in different regions. A case guideline was developed to broadly obtain comparative data on the origins, structures, strategies and impacts of the movements. The studies were conducted and documented between July 2007 and February 2008.

You will find below an analysis of the case studies by BFEMO’s Associate Scholar and Lead Researcher, Srilatha Batliwala as well as the 10 case studies by a variety of authors.

We hope these documents will become a useful guide to your work, your organization, and the movements in which you are involved. We encourage you to read the full case studies, and to send us your com­ments, suggestions and feedback, which will help us expand and refine the analysis. We believe that while much remains to be learned, we have made a useful beginning here in unpacking the….Power of Movements!!

Changing Their World: Concepts and Practices of Women’s Movements by Srilatha Batliwala, Scholar Associate, AWID-BFEMO


Against All Odds: The Building of a Women’s Movement in the Islamic Republic of Iran By Homa Hoodfar


The Dalit Women’s Movement in India: Dalit Mahila Samiti By Jahnvi Andharia with the ANANDI Collective


Domestic Workers Organizing in the United States By Andrea Cristina Mercado and Ai-jen Poo


Challenges Were Many: The One in Nine Campaign, South Africa By Jane Bennett


Mothers as Movers and Shakers: The Network of Mother Centres in the Czech Republic By Suranjana Gupta


The Demobilization of Women’s Movements: The Case of Palestine By Islah Jad


The Piquetera/o Movement of Argentina By Andrea D’Atri and Celeste Escati


GROOTS Kenya By Awino Okech


The European Romani Women’s Movement – International Roma Women’s Network By Rita Izsak

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