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 Arab League to Launch Drive Against Human Trafficking


2009-03-30 - KUNA


VIENNA, March 30 (KUNA) -- The Arab League plans to launch an initiative for combating human trafficking in cooperation with the concerned departments of its member states, chief of the league's mission here Michael Wahba said on Monday. Speaking before a UN expert panel on human trafficking, Ambassador Wahba praised the steps made by the State of Kuwait towards eliminating this criminal phenomenon. Kuwait adopted tough laws against human traffickers and cooperates actively with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to enhance the global initiative against human trafficking, he said, noting that Syria was developing similar regulations. Wahba also appreciated the United Arab Emirates (UAE) financial contributions to the UNODC to enhance its efforts in this domain.


The Council of Arab Minister of Justice approved the Arab guidelines against human trafficking in 2005. It has also organized a workshop on the development of a mechanism for combating human trafficking and coordination of the relevant national legislations of the Arab countries. Among the most important recommendations of the workshop is the call for acceleration of steps towards adoption of the Arab treaty for combating this crime which poses grave social, moral and security dangers, he underscored. The workshop also called for launching a single database to spot this criminal activity and exchange information among the concerned departments of the Arab countries, Wahba went on to say.


The league-conceived initiative for combating human trafficking will be launched through close coordination among the league's specialized bodies and the concerned agencies of the Arab countries, he added. In 2006 Kuwait ratified the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children. (end) amg.gb KUNA

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