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The Best of Women, Power and Politics


Over the past 10 months, I.M.O.W. has inspired more than 300,000 people from 206 countries with its global online exhibitions. Now that the Women, Power and Politics exhibition is available in its entirety online, we invite you to share the inspiring stories of women claiming and exercising their power with those closest to you.

Start by showing them the welcome page or sharing a few of the most popular stories below from the Women, Power and Politics online exhibition:

  • Two Million Women Leaders and Counting – Since 1993, an astonishing two million rural women in India have become leaders in their village councils, or panchayats. By law, one third of these seats are reserved for women.
  • Fashion Is Political – U.S. fashion editor Robin Givhan explains that politicians— both male and female—craft what they wear as carefully as what they say.
  • Cartoon as a Political Manifesto – Cartoonist Catherine Beaunez illustrates women’s place in French society with biting humor. See examples from her book of political cartoons: On les aura! or “Let’s get them!”
  • Théâtre AquariumNaima Zitan created a social theatre to educate and inspire her countrywomen. To reach even those who are illiterate, Théâtre Aquarium performs in villages, souks, markets, and mosques .
  • Body as Art – Kenyan-German artist Ingrid Mwangi uses her body to interrogate social and political conventions. Her internationally acclaimed artworks are always visually striking and often disconcerting.
  • Cicciolina’s Sexual Politics – Can sex and politics mix? Yes, said voters emphatically in Rome, Italy, when they elected porn star Cicciolina as their representative in parliament.
  • The Ticket that Might Have Been – Long before Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Shirley Chisholm made a brave, albeit unsuccessful, bid for the U.S. presidency. As an African American woman running in the 1970s, she knew that she would lose; nevertheless she remained "unbought and unbossed."
  • Singing for Change – What is the best way to garner support for a woman's cause? Twenty Algerian women created a music video to help end Algeria’s repressive Family Code.
  • The Curse of Nakedness – A woman’s body can be a powerful weapon. By threatening to strip naked in public, Nigerian women shamed one of the world’s largest oil companies into listening to their demands for justice.
  • A Curtain between Worlds – The meaning of the hijab, or veil, is debated around the world. Lebanese-born artist Georgina Choueiri explores the issue from the inside out and the outside in.
  • Bravest Woman in AfghanistanMalalai Joya drew a capacity crowd at the I.M.O.W. Speaker Series program in August 2008. Hear the controversial Afghan parliamentarian speak about women's human rights and democracy in her war-torn country.

Be sure to check out the new Women, Power and Politics toolkit, highlighting ways to take action and resources from our many contributors and partners. For example, the Barbara Lee Family Foundation offers four extensively researched guides to aid those seeking higher office. The Women’s Learning Partnership has created an invaluable leadership training handbook. Global Fund for Women features a guide to fundraising, and The White House Project offers tips on how to stand up and be noticed.

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