Attached: Regional Mapping Study of

Women's Police Stations in Latin America


Excerpt from CONCLUSIONS:


"This regional mapping study has shown that Women's Police Stations continue to be the most important public policy to address violence against women in the judicial sector in Latin America and one of the most important and visible in general. However, the impact of the Women's Police Stations with regards to access to justice, elimination of violence, and women's exercise of their rights is not as evident, in part because of the relatively little information and analysis available."


Website: http://www.ceplaes.org.ec/AccesoJusticia/en


Contact: acceso.justicia@ceplaes.org.ec


Regional Mapping Study of

Women's Police Stations

in Latin America


Attached is the Regional Mapping Study document on Access to
Justice for Women in Situations of Violence and Women's Police
Stations in Latin America. The research was done in Brazil, Ecuador,
Nicaragua, and Peru.

This documents the first stage of our research project. Soon we will
publish results from our survey on our website and next year the
results of the primary research will be made available. The project
will finish with national and regional forums that will bring together
stakeholders from various sectors to debate the project's conclusions
and proposals for improving public policy, with the goal of
contributing to the regional and national agendas on this topic.

Please visit our website for more information about the project and
other project and related materials, including the Portuguese
translation of the mapping document and the four national studies.


Nadine Jubb
Regional Coordinator
"Access to Justice for Women in Situations of Violence: A Comparative
Study of Women's Police Stations in Latin America"

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