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Millennia 2015, Women Actors of Development for the Global Challenges

Millennia 2015 is a foresight research process about the generic topic of "Women actors of development for the global challenges". 


Organized by The Destree Institute and its partners, Millennia 2015's work is structured through three international conferences aiming at building, by 2015, a positive vision of the future by women for the entire world at the horizon 2025.


Millennia is a feminine version of "Millennium" and its first session gave us an opportunity for commemorating the United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace, one century after the first massive actions women organized for their human rights on the 8th March 1908.


Millennia 2015 works with foresight as a method and the information society as context.

The first session, organised on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 March 2008 in Liege Convention Centre, was the one of the Information Transfer: exchange and transmission of data as well as of analysis already collected or built are used to inform the participants or to question the society.


We plan to hold the second session (work on the Knowledge Processes) in 2011 in Paris (UNESCO) and the third one (construction of Intelligence Platforms) in 2015 in New York (at the United Nations). Millennia 2015 works in partnership with the Millennium Project of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) and with the International Organisation of Francophonie.


The Community of Millennia 2015 will develop the portal www.millennia2015.org on the long term, in order to build up a multilingual and collaborative knowledge database. Welcome!

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