Examples of Gender-Focused Programs at the European Social Forum:


*Women in the Context of War, in the Struggle for Peace & Democracy

*Religions, Traditions & Women's Rights

*Free Trade, Feminism, & the Lisbon Treaty: The Fight for Women's Economic Rights




The European Social Forum - Malmö, Sweden


From September 17th to 21st 2008 the European Social Forum (ESF) is being held in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. The forum is by far the biggest meetingplace for social movements and a progressive civil society in Europe - with the aim to create a better Europe and a better world. More than 20 000 people are expected to participate in Malmö. During five days over 200 seminars and workshops will be mixed with even more culture, film, music, informal meetings, activism and demonstrations.

From strategies to actions for another Europe 

ESF is the regional counterpart of World Social Forum. It was first held in Florence 2002, lastly in  Athens 2006. Together the forums have been attended by over 150 000 participants and joined thousands of organizations and networks determined to make another Europe possible. Among the participants are trade unions, migration networks, environmental organisations, feminist organisations, the global justice movement, peace networks, human rights organisations,  academics, youth organisations – and many more.

ESF is a unique space for organisations, movements,  networks and individuals engaged in building a more sustainable, democratic and equitable society.  Tens of thousands of activists and a broad range of organisations come together to share experiences,  debate ideas – and not the least to formulate proposals and to build new alliances for mobilisation and effective action. ESF is about changing Europe – not merely to contemplate the situation of today.

Reversing growing inequalities in and between European countries, seriously combating climate change, decent labour laws, public services for all, real migrants rights, real European democracy,  gender justice, changing Europe’s global agenda. The list can be made much longer – and the tasks are urgent.  But the opportunity is also there. We know that strong alliances of European movements and organisations can and will change the path of Europe. 

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