Do you ever feel overwhelmed by pornography? While mainstream pop culture grows increasingly pornographic, the pornography industry produces hardcore material that is both more overtly cruel toward women and more widely accepted than ever.

Have you ever tried to talk about this issue, only to be told that you’re a prude, or that pornography is liberating? While we struggle with these images that feel degrading and harmful, the dominant culture tries to make us feel as if we are at fault.

Are you ever concerned that mass media reduce women, and increasingly girls, to sexual objects while encouraging men and boys to be sexually callous? Is it getting more difficult for you to protect your kids from the porn culture?

You aren't alone. StopPornCulture! is a group for those willing to ask these questions – activists and academics, young people and parents, organizers and ordinary people. We are no longer willing to accept the ways the pornography industry has pushed its way into our lives, distorting our conceptions of sex and sexuality. We are ready to fight back. 


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