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femLINKpacific - The overarching development objective of our work is to address the imbalances caused by the traditional decision-making structures which impede women and young women's effective participation, especially from the rural population and the poor, to communicate openly on common matters.






Poverty is not just about the lack of access to resources but also limited access to information and communication.


As the operators of Fiji and the Pacific's only mobile women's community radio initiative femTALK89.2FM we look forward to continue to use "the suitcase radio" as a critical bridge between urban and rural communities, giving voice to the voiceless by serving as a channel of information and communication for the marginalized.


Because we have the ability to take the suitcase radio to women in their communities, we are able to assist in not only increasing awareness of the feminization of poverty but also offering communities an information and communication channel of their own to reach policy makers and offer their solutions to poverty eradication.


We look forward to strengthening partnerships to increase recognition of the role of community radio as a recognized component for inclusive communication and strengthening democratic processes in society and peacebuilding.




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