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Asylum Is Not Gender Neutral - EWL and Refugee Women's Resources Project (UK) Practical Advocacy Guide for Protecting Women Seeking Asylum

 The complexities of gender-related claims as well as factors such as lack of gender sensitivity among decision-makers and women's difficulties in speaking about sexual violence or sexuality create additionals difficulties for women when they claim asylum. Therefore, it is vital that officials examining asylum understand the nature of gender-specific persecution and enable women to access asylum procedures.

EWL and Refugee Women's Resources Project Asylum AID (UK) have published a lobbying tool to assist organisations working on women's rights, asylum/refugee rights, human rights, lesbian and transgender rights to monitor the transposition  into national law of two vital European Directives which directly impact on women's rights to asylum, namely the Qualifications and Asylum Procedures Directives. The deadline to transpose this latter Directive is 1 December 2007. The lobbying tool shows how the UNHCR Gender Guidelines can provide a vital tool in the implementation process.

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