The Institute for Gender and Women's Studies at the American 
University in Cairo is pleased to announce the launch of a two year 
Gender and Region Project


To join our  mailing list for ongoing project information write to 
igws@aucegypt.edu (Please include information on institutional 
affiliation, title, research interests, and publications.


...the history of the [African]  continent, like the continent 
itself,  had been partitioned by the scholars: everyone carving their 
field,  not in terms of the populations they were studying, but in 
terms of  their interests, debates and controversies. [Jacques 
Depelchin,  Silences in African History: Between the Syndromes of 
Discovery and  Abolition. (Dar Es Salaam: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, 
2005): 37.]

The project seeks to bring together a group of scholars and  
researchers to critically and comparatively engage geographical  
regions and their gender agendas on issues such as rights, culture,  
reproduction, violence and labor. Working towards a deeper  
understanding of gate-keeping concepts and their operationalization in 
specific regional contexts, the project will address questions such 
as  how certain cultural categories in particular geographical regions 
are  systemically picked up by researchers and governments for policy 
and  regional research agendas. By treating regions in relationship to 
each other, this project hopes to enrich our understanding of gender 
issues  across the global south with a particular focus on bringing 
some of  the insights into the further development of gender and 
women's  research in the Middle East/North Africa field. The project  
also hopes it will contribute to similar developments in the 
theorizing and practice of gender and women's studies in the other 
geographic regions explored. 


The Gender and Region Project is made possible due to the

generous support of the Ford Foundation (Cairo)


Project Contact: igws@aucegypt.edu


To leave the list, send your request by email to: wunrn_listserve-request@lists.wunrn.com. Thank you.