Globalising Gender Equality & Social Justice

WIDE is a European feminist network of women´s organisations, development NGOs, gender specialists and women´s rights activists.

WIDE monitors and influences international economic and development policy and practice from a feminist perspective.

WIDE´s work is grounded on women´s rights as the basis for the development of a more just and democratic world order and the search for alternative approaches to the economic mainstream.

WIDE enables members and partners to articulate alternatives to the negative impacts of globalisation, and makes feminist alternatives visible. Through the dissemination of our research and analysis, WIDE promotes gender equality and social justice. 



Most recent WIDE newsletter with news from November, download here.

New publications

Who decides - Gender mapping the European Union´s policy and decision-making in the areas of development, external relations and trade, Maria Karadenizli, WIDE November 2007.

This publication provides an analysis of the role that key European Union institutions ­ the Council of Ministers, the European Commission (EC), the EC Delegations, and the European Parliament (EP) ­ play in the definition of policy priorities in the areas of development, external relations and trade. The study critically analyses the role of these actors in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of development programmes in the countries of the South, as well as in negotiations on trade agreements at international, regional and bilateral levels.

Download the publication and further information such as on to order a paper copy.

WIDE publication 'EU-India trade negotiations and their implications for social development and gender justice', November 2007. Available as download.

Other news

WIDE participated in the Civil Society Forum on the Europe-Africa Dialogue, which took place inLisbon from 15 to 17 November 2007. Download here the WIDE-FEMNET presentation.

WIDE consultation 'EU bilateral and regional free trade agreements­ bringing women to the centre of the debate', 22 November 2007, Brussels, Belgium. Click here for more information. The Report will follow soon.

'Civil Society Groups Sound the Alarm: the current development financial architecture undermines gender equality and women´s rights', WIDE together with WEDO, GCAP Feminist Task Force and the Anglican Consultative Council UN Office press release, 23 October.

Celebrating WIDE Austria, WIDE newsletter, October 2007.

WIDE is saddened by the sudden death of Bina Srinivasan. Read her tribute in English and http://feministdialogues.isiswomen.org/Spanish. Read the personal tribute by WIDE Chair Wendy Harcourt.

WIDE is active leading member of the Feminist Dialogue. Want to find out of which other alliances WIDE is actively taking part? Click here.

WIDE letter to CEDAW Committee Members, July 2007.

WIDE monitoring

EU Strategy Aid for Trade, WIDE newsletter, October 2007.

Accra High Level Forum on aid effectiveness: where has the process got so far?, WIDE newsletter, September 2007.
Launch of EU Gender Watch Report ­ Losing women´s issues through gender mainstreaming?, WIDE newsletter, September 2007.
Alternatives to the direction of the European Union, WIDE newsletter, September 2007.

"No world trade that only benefits the wealth" - EFTA is negotiating bilateral trade agreements, WIDE newsletter, July 2007.
New aid modalities through a gender lens, Interview with Nathalie Holvoet, WIDE newsletter, July 2007.

Protest against G8 summit highly successful for alter-globalisation movement - the cracks in the system are widening (part 1), WIDE newsletter, June 2007.

No tears over collapse of G4 WTO-talks - the cracks in the system are widening (part 2), WIDE newsletter, June 2007.
Not much added value to seek from EU-strategy on Aid for Trade, WIDE newsletter, June 2007.

WIDE - UN Reform

Women's organisation call for attention to gender equality in the ECOSOC's AMR, Recommendations, July 2007.
Letter for support sent the EU under current presidency: Portugal (in Portuguese), 1 of August.

Gender Equaliy Architecture and UN reform, join the campaign,
more information 


OWINFS Open Letter to WTO-Trade Ministers and Pascal Lamy, WTO Director-General, July 2007 (see Signatories of the letter).
WTO draft "modalities" out: No deal on the current parameter!, WIDE newsletter, July 2007.

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