CIVICUS is an international alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world. CIVICUS is a worldwide community of informed, inspired, committed citizens engaged in confronting the challenges facing humanity.


CIVICUS Gender Equality Policy - Gender mainstreaming for all CIVICUS programmes.



“People, Participation and Power...”

Building on the success of last year's CIVICUS Youth Assembly the 2008 event will offer an execeptional opportunity to meet and work with other young women and men who are really making changes to things that matter.

The Youth Assembly will offer young delegates a program and a space to develop and commit to action internationally. The theme of participation in civil society will be explored over the course of the event and delegates will learn about issues that effect billions of people worldwide. The programme will develop not only delegates knowledge, but also build personal capacity through a series of workshops and skills development sessions. Participation is key and all delegates will be fully engaged in a programme

In attending the Youth Assembly delegates will also go on to participate, as full delegates, in the CIVICUS World Assembly where they will have a voice and opportunity to meet and influence some of the world's leading NGOs, groups and individuals who are committed to the creation of a more just and equitable world.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to meet a number of Young Scots who are involved nationwide in social justice programmes. These opportunities will help build global linkages and offer both delegates and young Scots opportunities to understand issues from a global perspective.

How to Attend

There are several ways to attend and Delegate places are available to successful Applicants aged 18 to 25 years old.

All delegate places are 100% free of charge and we will include all your Accommodation, food and social programme events for the week. We will also include your Delegate Fee to attend the CIVICUS World Assembly.

However, although we are able to offer some delegates travel bursaries (please see the separate conditions on the application page) travel expenses to and from Scotland are generally expected to be paid by delegates. Many Delegates last year managed to secure their own sponsorship from employers, organisations, charities and governments to cover these expenses and we can help you with suggestions of how to make an approach.

Delegate places are limited and will be awarded to the strongest applicants from around the world. These will be assessed on selection criteria, which can been found on the application pages.

APPLY NOW to come to the Youth Assembly (link to application information)  

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