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OSCE Office supports report on political and economic empowerment of women in Armenia

KAPAN, Armenia, 5 December 2007 - Armenian women are underrepresented in public and economic life, says an OSCE-supported report presented today in Kapan, the capital of Syunik province.

The report notes that there is no united women's movement in the country, that men control the important economic and political networks, and that they take the most important decisions on behalf of women. In rural areas, women are often unaware of their rights, and lack economic resources and networks allowing them to become active in business and politics.

"We hope that this report will further contribute to the discussion about gender equality in Armenia, and promote the role of women in political and economic life both in Syunik and at the national level," said Ambassador Sergey Kapinos, the Head of the OSCE Office in Yerevan.

The report offers ways to improve the situation, particularly by setting up resource centres for local women interested in pursuing business and political careers.

"Support for a forum that brings together active women who are interested in change, activities with the media to raise awareness of gender issues and stereotypes, and greater efforts to provide better gender-based statistics would help to empower Armenian women," said Birgitta Wistrand, a gender expert from Sweden and former Member of Parliament.

Wistrand prepared the report together with Armine Mkhiratyan, the Head of the Department of Social Support at the Armenian Institute of Labour and Social Research.

Since 2006, the OSCE Office in Yerevan and its Programme Implementation Presence in Kapan have been involved in activities aimed at empowering women.

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