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AWID Resources on Aid Effectiveness & Women's Rights

NEW! AWID is pleased to announce that our Aid Effectiveness and Women's Rights Series is now available online for download.

This set of Primers shares critical information and analysis about the new aid architecture that has emerged as a result of the Paris Declaration (PD)-the most recent donor-partner agreement designed to increase the impact of aid. This aid effectiveness agenda, the result of the signature and implementation of the Paris Declaration process currently determines how and to whom aid is being delivered as well as how donor and aid-recipient countries are relating to one another. We hope the information, analysis and proposals included in these primers will encourage women's rights advocates and other actors to understand the relevance of this process and to engage in it to support the call for a more comprehensive, balanced, and inclusive approach to reforming aid so that it reaches the people who need it most, including women! Stay tuned for the 5th and final primer in this series devoted to highlighting some of the specific concerns and recommendations from a women's rights perspective.

Download Series:
Primer 1
Primer 2
Primer 3
Primer 4

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