Discovering the Common Core:
Practical Frameworks for Change


In 2008, ACWS will host the first World Conference of Women's Shelters. This event will present a new opportunity for family violence workers in Alberta and around the world to learn from international experts and each other.

Too often, women's shelter work is overlooked in discussions on family violence, when in reality they are at the forefront of dealing with this issue. This will increase the capacity of shelters in Alberta, across Canada, and around the world to affect change in their organizations and their communities to better meet the needs of ethnocultural, multicultural and racial communities when dealing with family violence.

This will be a unique opportunity for individuals at the forefront of dealing with violence against women, to network, share and support one and other.

Help us extend an invitation to shelters around the world;
Contact us if you are interested in presenting; or
Let us know if you would like to be part of an international advisory committee!


International Call for Papers/Presentations

Deadline for submissions: February 8, 2008 4:00pm MST

World Conference of Women’s Shelters
Discovering the Common Core: Practical Frameworks for Change
September 8 – 11, 2008
Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

Sponsored by:

The World Conference for Women’s Shelters will present a new opportunity for family violence prevention workers around the world to learn from international experts and each other.

Conference Goal:

This Conference will allow shelter workers to showcase the work they do, share common concerns and improve worldwide networking. Too often, women’s shelter work is overlooked in discussions on family violence, when in reality they are at the forefront of dealing with this issue. This will increase the capacity of shelters to affect change in their organizations and their communities. As a result, much needed, but currently unavailable, baseline data of shelter programs and best practices, worldwide, will be established.

The ACWS 2008 Conference Planning Committee is actively seeking dynamic speakers willing to share their expertise, knowledge and insight with others in support of the conference theme: Discovering the Common Core: Practical Frameworks for Change.

Conference Program Themes:

The practical frameworks for change that will be explored from a shelter perspective are:

  • How to collect and document accurate information to begin creating a global picture of the field
  • The intersection between international/human rights/ and domestic/social work frameworks that inform this work
  • How to identify and form partnerships with key local stakeholders
  • Key methodologies: local capacities for peace, appreciative inquiry, and DME

Workshop topics:

  • Trafficking in Women
  • Children Exposed to Family Violence
  • Shelter Best Practices
  • Batterer’s Interventions
  • Sustaining Shelters (funding challenges, micro business, policies and practices)
  • Indigenous Women’s Issues and Work
  • Staff Wellness
  • What Men Can Do to End Violence Against Women and Children (Pre-Conference Event and workshops September 8)

Do you, your shelter or organization have an innovative insight, applicable research, practical solution or best practice relating to the program theme from which others could benefit? Here is an opportunity to share your knowledge with a wide international audience comprised of staff from women’s shelters, those working in the field of family violence and the academic community.


Call for Papers & Presentations
The Opportunity

This is the first ever, gathering of the global shelter community. You will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with shelters from around the world. We invite you to submit a presentation. Your outline should support the overall Conference theme and address one of the theme descriptors above. A Review Committee will select the presentations for breakout sessions at the conference.

Benefits of Presenting:

  • Help shelter workers from around the world develop current knowledge and practice skills
  • Be recognized as a leader in your field, your workplace and amongst your peers
  • Increase your professional portfolio
  • Achieve a higher networking profile at the Conference.
  • Engage in dialogue with shelters worldwide
  • Your presentation will be disseminated worldwide to delegates and on the conference website

Note: Shelter presenters will be assisted with travel, accommodation and conference fees

Presentations will occur during one of the 6 breakout sessions occurring twice each day, each of which is approximately one hour in length:

Presentation Options:

  • 40 minutes presentation followed by a 20 minutes question answer period
  • Panel presentations between 10 – 20 minutes per presenter followed by question answer
  • Shelter showcase: 5-10 minute narrative of your shelter, highlighting best practices, with photos, video and/or audio clips. These will be showcased during the conference through a multi-media presentation or chosen for a separate presentation.

The Review Committee has the discretion to allocate timeframes depending upon the nature of the presentations submitted.

  • Each presentation room will have a moderator assigned by the Program Committee.
  • Presenters will be required to submit a summary of their presentations in English, French or Spanish using MW Word or Adobe formats no later than April 8th, 2008.
  • Presenters will be required to submit their final presentation in English, French or Spanish using the ftp site that will be assigned at a later date, no later than August 8th, 2008. Those presenters who do not submit by this deadline will be required to provide translations for all three languages and sufficient copies for all delegates.

Selection Criteria:

Presentations will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Relevance and fit with conference themes and topics (see above)
  • Clear implications for shelter practice
  • Shelter partnerships (if not a shelter)
  • A practical approach with proven results
  • Clarity and originality

Presenters will be advised by March 8, 2008

Presentations will be assessed by a Conference Presentation Review Committee comprised of shelters, board members and members of our International Advisory Committee. All decisions of the Review Committee are final. Presentation Proposal Form - Information

Submitting Your Presentation:

  • You may submit as many requests to present as you wish.
  • Presentations must be between 400 and 600 words plus a profile of the presenter of not more than 50 words.
  • Presentation must be submitted in English, French or Spanish. Please submit electronically and formatted in MSWord or Adobe.
  • Presentation will fully address the following :
    1. Identify conference theme and topic you wish to address
    2. Outline the implications for shelter practice: What were the lessons learned that others will find of value? How did you measure your success?
    3. What would you do differently based on what you learned?
    4. For organizations other than shelters: How have you partnered with shelters?

Submitting Your Shelter Showcase:

Presentation will include the following:

  1. Shelter information (location, programs, statistics,)
  2. Identify shelter best practices and/or challenges as they relate to conference themes and topics
  3. Originality and clarity
  4. Narrative, photos and if possible, audio or video clips

1. You can complete the Presentation online and press submit,or
2. You can save a PDF version of it to your desk top and complete it at a later date and email to marnie.gomes@ceoinc.ca.

To leave the list, send your request by email to: wunrn_listserve-request@lists.wunrn.com. Thank you.