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Azerbaijan - Children in Provinces

E. Malakhova


Children in provinces get worse food, less access to education, and more exploitation. In our Azerbaijan provinces, many parents believe that it is better for their children if they only learn a simple job, rather than study for years in a secondary school. The reason for this belief is the lack of conditions for school education in Azerbaijan's villages...For many families, it is a luxury when their child goes to school...Besides this, in the case where a child goes to school her/his family loses some income, as the child stops working.



Russia - Please Don't Make Me Have An Inferiority Complex

Alena Pankratova


I thought I'd find some information accordant to my thoughts in women's magazines, available in our small town. The majority of them view a woman as a household good, assigned for men's pleasure and comfort. The magazines include plenty of advice on housekeeping and a man's seduction. They advise you to cook tasty food for the men, but to limit yourself in eating...Glossy magazines, like Cosmopolitan, are designed for young, successful, slim, and beautiful women living in a megapolis. The fashion pages can be the best illustration to my statement.You cannot wear what they suggest if you are in your 30's and live in a provincial town. Besides this, my body is not ideal, and the fashion pages of glossy magazines seem to suggest that I should start worrying about the way I look.



Kyrgyzstan - Why The City When There Is The Village?

Nurzhan Tulegabylova


As a city dweller, I have always been interested in villages and their residents. The differences between young women and men living in cities and villages are obvious. There are not only visual and internal differences, but in the gender aspect as well.


Altynai 19, Bishkek (Female) - "Village girls are always ready to sacrifice themselves in order to get married, because they learn from early childhood that to get married is best. They are also taught that they should submit to their husbands so that the husbands do not leave them. Such women are more easily manipulated. Many city men marry women like this, to have children and care for them and their relatives." 


Bakyt, 23, Bishkek (Male) - "It's hard to find a good wife now. Those who live in cities are women of great pretensions, while village women, even after they move to a city, need time to change so you do not get embarrassed about them in public. However, you could have a wife like that, just for the house, for your relatives. But a lover should be a beautiful woman from the city."




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