Meet in Poland!

Put 13-15 June 2008 in your calendar and be prepared to come to Poland to join a dynamic community of European feminists in creating the agenda for a feminist Europe. Come with your tents, or stay in a comfortable hotel. Watch this space for details on how to enroll, earlybird participation fees and the event program!


European Feminist Forum Programming Meeting


Warsaw, 20-23 September 2007

by Thera van Osch Tuesday 16 October 2007

The objectives The European Feminist Forum promotes: Open and diverse feminist dialogues in Europe Knowledge Creation and Mapping of issues of feminist interest Setting a new European Feminist Agenda The main objective of the programming meeting is to prepare the content and the format (...) 

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What you can expect at the European Feminist Forum 2008

The Form of the Conference

by Joanna Semeniuk Tuesday 16 October 2007

We are innovators in the area of form as well as content. Forget about sitting politely and listening! 

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Political topics for the European Feminist Forum 2008

by Gisela DŁtting Tuesday 16 October 2007

The three important issue areas will provide the basis for discussions at the European Feminist Forum event in Poland, 13-15 June, 2008. 

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EFF 13-15 June 2008 in Warsaw!

Friday 20 July 2007

Karat Coalition will be responsible for logistics associated with the European Feminist Forum, which will take place in Warsaw in June 2008. 

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