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The Age of Beauty

When do we stop being young? Do we stop being beautiful once we are no longer young?

Does our concept of beauty change as we grow? Did we aspire to look like our dolls when we were young, rebellious punks as teenagers, businesslike when we entered the workforce, and so on?

The Age of Beauty: Stories to View

I am 22 years old by Fanny Allié - France (film)
See Fanny Allié’s exploration of grandmothers’ feminine wiles. Can you be sexy at 82 just as you were at 22?

About my sisters by Ellie Brown - USA (photography)
Explore the passage from childhood to teenage years in this series of photos that looks at the body language, social interactions and grooming rituals of young girls.

Whatever happened to my youth? by Coryse Borg - Malta (essay)
Do our skin and hair products dominate more than just shelf space when we turn 30?

Read these and many more stories. What is your idea of beauty?

Join the conversation.

Aida Eltorie

In Egypt today, I see many women with a more conservative sense of dress and beauty, quite unlike the time of my grandmother.

As I look back at her pictures and I see a beautiful lady who carried herself with grace and elegance. Her beauty rituals included visits to the salon every Tuesday for her weekly hairstyling, pedicure and manicure and perusing fashion magazines from Paris.

She wore bare back dresses in vibrant colors and prints, evening gowns to concerts and high heels designed and fitted by Pierre Clouvas. The Golden Age of Egypt seems a world removed from today. Now, due to religious and social conservatism, beauty seems to be hidden.

What are the changes in beauty that you see around you?

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