Revisiting gender training: the making and remaking of gender knowledge – a global source book

A New Source Book on Gender Training

Authors: M. Mukhopadhyay; F. Wong; J. Dasgupta
Publisher: Royal Tropical Institute , 2007

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How are the epistemological roots of gender and development related with the knowledge and learning contexts in which gender training takes place? What are the implications of building feminist knowledge and approaches, which ultimately challenge traditional models of power and knowledge, in contexts that value acquisition of knowledge over processes of learning and that subscribe to hierarchical, positivist and didactic knowledge and learning models? What are the assumptions of the links between knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and practice in gender studies and training and how do these mesh with the learning and knowledge contexts of the societies and organisations where such education and trainings occur?

This publication documents the experiences of practitioners and experts with respect to gender training and studies in gender and development in the South in particular. Specifically, the book’s authors explore the explicit and, more often, implicit assumptions in gender training about the nature of knowledge (epistemology), imparting knowledge (pedagogy) and knowing (cognition). It considers feminist ‘roots’ as a project to eliminate gender inequities and the context in which gender training takes place, mainstream international development. Each of these have their own and multiple epistemological assumptions. The book does not only attempt to understand these, but to also understand and analyse their inter-relationships.



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