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Request for Proposal for 2008 AIDS Review Civil Society Support Mechanism

Issued: 23 July 2007

Closing Date: 3 September 2007    5pm Geneva time


This paper invites joint bids from coalitions and networks of civil society organizations to come together to form a year long mechanism to support national civil society and community groups in maximising the impact of the 2008 UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on AIDS.


Reporting on the progress of AIDS responses against the targets in the 2001 and 2006 political declarations scheduled for 2008 presents a great opportunity to advance AIDS responses. Building on past learning and experiences, and capitalizing on advocacy opportunities, civil society can help drive further gains against AIDS towards achieving the universal access targets of 2010 and the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.


Critical to success is measuring progress at national level and using the 2008 General Assembly Review as an opportunity to move the many policies, promises and rhetoric into action.


Civil society and non-state organizations are increasingly networked around how to contribute towards progress and to maximise opportunities to secure strong inclusive national plans and reports.


UNAIDS is keen to harness the increasing commitment to greater collaboration within civil society and strengthen the role of civil society in AIDS responses.


UNAIDS recognises that initiatives provided by and for civil society organizations are often more effective than those driven by other partners and so is keen to support civil society in further organizing and preparing for the 2008 progress review.

Proposed Objectives of the Mechanism: 

1.      To review and build national and community level civil society capacity to use the 2008 review strategically

2.      To exchange information about different civil society-led progress monitoring initiatives both inside and outside ‘Three Ones’ structures

3.      To support the capacity of civil society in participation in national reporting – working closely with M&E experts in UNAIDS and within civil society

4.      To ensure national links to global and regional reporting and advocacy

5.      To strengthen relationships to improve communication and networking among civil society groups working on AIDS and between civil society groups and other partners – in particular UN organizations and member states

6.      To plan for logistics needed to secure meaningful participation of civil society in the 2008 General Assembly Session including leading a process by which civil society participants will be identified for active participation

7.      To encourage civil society to work effectively at national level regardless of participation at the Review

Possible activities/outputs of the Mechanism:

·          Hold a timely global meeting and/or consultation or briefing and/or a series of regional briefings

·          Provide clear communications and tools in multiple languages to secure increased involvement at national level

·          Provide clear recommendations to UNAIDS and the Office of the General Assembly President on structures for civil society participation in the Mid Term Review

·        Provide pre-meeting briefing

·          Provide support to civil society in engaging in political negotiations and advocacy at national and global levels

·          Preparation and briefing for the civil society participants and speakers

·          Provide input on the themes for the roundtables, panels and any civil society sessions at the Mid Term Review (depending on structure agreed by the GA)

·          Provide advice on logistical issues and needs for civil society attending the Review

·          Post Review Debriefing and a post-meeting evaluation report


Selection Criteria

UNAIDS will only consider joint bids for the managment of this mechanism from two or more civil society organizations or networks, at least one of which must be based in the South. The host or lead partners will need to demonstrate an ability to network widely and formerly involve all of the following groups:

·          Organizations of people living with HIV

·          AIDS service organizations

·          Organizations of key populations (MSM, sex workers, drug users)

·          Advocacy and communications organizations

·          Indigenous national and community based organizations

·          Faith based organizations

·          Private sector and labour coalitions

·          UNAIDS and Global Fund NGO delegates/representatives

To be accepted by UNAIDS bids must include a written commitment expressing willingness to work in collaboration with the successful coordinating coalition. Demonstrated coordination and communication ability, influence and reach within civil society and across sectors will be critical. 

Proposals will need to convince UNAIDS that plans will be cost effective, able to cross cultural, language and geographical barriers and include experts from civil society in all aspects of the AIDS response including care, treatment, prevention and stigma eradication.


Joint bids that will help build links and strengthen relationships across networks and organizations will be particularly welcomed.


In order to allow UNAIDS to release funds a lead contractual partner should be identified - clearly empowered by the other named partners in the coalition to act in this capacity.


Past experience in preparing for, and participating in, the 2001 and 2006 meetings will be an advantage.


The decision on awarding the contract will remain solely with the UNAIDS Secretariat and will be decided by the Secretariat’s interdepartmental working group on the 2008 General Assembly session on AIDS.


The Secretariat commits to providing technical support throughout the lifetime of the year-long joint mechanism.  The Secretariat remains committed to working with all partners regardless of success in this process.


Mechanism Timeline:


Invitation to tender/bid issued                        July 23 2007

Deadline for bids and decision             September 3 2007

Contract period                                    September 2007- August 2008



UNAIDS has allocated up to 100,000 USD in 2007 and 50,000 in 2008 to support this year-long mechanism


Contact: Civil Society Partnerships UNAIDS: csp@unaids.org

To leave the list, send your request by email to: wunrn_listserve-request@lists.wunrn.com. Thank you.